Matuska László

Jungle Night

Action shooter game, made for Ludumdare 31. (unfinished)

Matuska László

My game is finished: Connect Home at Ludum Dare 30

[screenshot] My game, Connect Home really looks like a game now, but it is far from finished. Some sounds, a nice background music, a good scanline shader, leaderboards, or just more levels – I can imagine many features but i’m just too tired now! Even went running, some meditation in the park, but nothing helps now.

I hope you like it!

Play it here: Please vote here: Congratulations to all of you!!! It was a great first-time experience!

Matuska László

Connect Home

A puzzle game, made for Ludumdare 30. (unfinished)

Matuska László

This weekend I’m in, Ludum Dare!

First time Ludum Dare, and my second game jam! I am really bad at finishing things, so on this weekend I will try to concentrate on creating something I can call a game.

I plan to use:


  • HTML5 canvas
  • Phaser
  • Possibly the new isometric phaser plugin:


  • Photoshop
  • pyxel edit


  • Possibly howler.js
  • sfxr
  • famitracker