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Matuska László

I hope I can make my wizard throw fireballs…

That would be fun! So much tinkering with babylon.js, I hope I finish this something. 😐

Matuska László

Sunny afternoon in my virtual forest

First screenshots from my WebGL experiment with volumetric light scattering, HDR. (Babylon.js).

Matuska László

Shmup Jam

So little time left of #shmupjam. I have scanlines, red/blue shift, generated space background etc, no gameplay yet. :-O

Matuska László

My game is finished: Connect Home at Ludum Dare 30

[screenshot] My game, Connect Home really looks like a game now, but it is far from finished. Some sounds, a nice background music, a good scanline shader, leaderboards, or just more levels – I can imagine many features but i’m just too tired now! Even went running, some meditation in the park, but nothing helps now.

I hope you like it!

Play it here: Please vote here: Congratulations to all of you!!! It was a great first-time experience!

Matuska László

This weekend I’m in, Ludum Dare!

First time Ludum Dare, and my second game jam! I am really bad at finishing things, so on this weekend I will try to concentrate on creating something I can call a game.

I plan to use:


  • HTML5 canvas
  • Phaser
  • Possibly the new isometric phaser plugin:


  • Photoshop
  • pyxel edit


  • Possibly howler.js
  • sfxr
  • famitracker
Matuska László

Bit Of Gold Goes Live

This blog will now serve as the internet HQ of my new project, Bit Of Gold interactive. We’re going to make games, web apps, interactive experiments and stuff like that. After about 10 iterations of re-designing the logo, now I feel comfortable with this one. The page is rather empty without my game portfolio. But things started moving!

More soon!